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At School

Kids' Guide to Cancer

The Camp Quality Kids' Guide to Cancer app is our educational program for children 8-13 years who have a loved one with cancer.

Primary School Education Program - Parents

Our Primary School Education Program uses puppets to dispel myths and create supportive communities for any child affected by cancer. Our special puppet shows will bring laughter and positivity to your school and can have a big impact on your child’s confidence.

Primary School Education Program - Teachers

As a teacher, Principal, or School Counsellor, our Primary School Education Program can help you build a supportive school community for any child affected by cancer. The program, featuring our Camp Quality Puppets, is free, fun, and supported by educational resources for teachers and students. Find out more or book the program today.

Primary School Education Program - Kids

Our puppets are cheeky and lots of fun - but they carry an important message. Having the puppets visit your school could help your peers understand cancer and most importantly, how to be a good friend. The puppet show is jam-packed with fun, laughter and positivity. Our puppets, Kylie, Dean and Melissa would love to meet you and your friends!