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We’re in every child cancer ward nationwide. Our confidence-boosting puppets reassure kids; our hospital support team help families navigate the cancer experience’s admin and our Child Life Therapists minimise anxiety, pain and trauma of treatment through play techniques.

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In Hospital Support

Camp Quality’s Family and Hospital Support Teams work to make hospital life easier for children and families impacted by cancer.

Our Family and Hospital teams visit children's cancer wards across the country, getting to know families impacted by cancer and providing in-hospital support and activities.

The dedicated Camp Quality team act as a hospital contact point assisting families source information about services and programs in hospital and helping with the transition back home.

The Family and Hospital Support teams also bring fun and laughter. They organise special morning teas and pizza nights, introduce our puppets and create get togethers for families to meet and make friends.

They’ll even take care of small but stressful things, such as paying for hospital parking in some cases, so the whole process is made far less traumatic for parents and kids alike.

Who is it for:

Parent of a child with cancer   Health Professional


At Hospital

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